Cubeb Search Optimisation


At Cubeb we offer a full range of online marketing services including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay-Per-Click Management
  • Banner Advertising


What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (optimization) or SEO is the term used to describe the marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engines (e.g. Google) once a relevant keyphrase search is undertaken. A vast number of factors are important when optimising a website, including the content and structure of the website's copy and page layout, the HTML meta-tags and the submission process. Search engine optimisation is also know as search engine marketing, search engine positioning and search engine placement – just to confuse you further!

Positioning Your Website for Maximum Search Engine Visibility

Half the world's population now has access to the internet and nearly 90% of them find websites through Search Engines. Search Engines drive more than half of online purchases.

With over 21 billion web pages available on the internet it’s imperative that you take Search Engine Optimisation seriously.

It's time to accept that search engine marketing can make or break your delivery of your online success. Effective search engine optimisation for major brands is a complex affair and it needs to be handled by experienced professionals.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Service

The Cubeb Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is the perfect blend of technical know-how, marketplace research and linguistic skill, blended with an unrivalled customer service.

At the end of the day it's all about return on investment. We need you to value the difference we've made to your site's success - that's how we've become successful ourselves.

seo marketingAt Cubeb we provide:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Metatag optimisation
  • Content optimisation
  • Valuable link building
  • Manual search engine submission
  • Position reporting

Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns are built from the ground up. Your site needs to be architected in the most spider friendly way if you are to achieve your potential in major search engines. That’s why at Cubeb we’ve built Search Engine Marketing into our web design and web development processes.

Whether you’re in a niche market or a saturated online industry we can offer a search engine optimisation strategy that will make your website work for you.

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