The Facebook Phenomenon

social marketingFacebook has become an integral part of the Irish consumer Web experience with nearly 2 million users in Ireland registered as members of the site. Some experts say social media could become the Internet's next search engine.

A big part of the Facebook experience is how friends and family share Web links to interesting news stories, photos, videos and Internet sites. This "friend-casting" of information has helped propel Facebook into a major force in directing traffic around the Web.

To harness the power of ‘friend casting’, companies can set up a dedicated facebook page encouraging users to become a fan of the page – “Become a fan today and get 10% off your next order”. As users become fans of the page your brand name will be displayed on their friends’ news feeds, thereby creating virtual word of mouth about the site. To further harness the power of ‘friend casting’, sites can include facebook social plugins that allow visitors to your site to like individual products or offers and share this information through facebook. Match these with a nice marketing message "Check out the great deal I found on this site" and watch the information flow!

With Facebook Advertising, you can target your exact audience with demographic and psychographic filters about real people such as location, age, gender, keywords, education, workplace, relationship status and languages. This is an opportune way to target exactly those users who fit your target market. For fashion sites for example you can use facebook to you target all Females 30-50 with an interest in fashion.

Get On Twitter


Twitter is the social phenomenon in which anybody can tell his or her followers anything in 140 characters or less. The key with using Twitter for business is to ensure that there is interest in the messages and providing tweets based on user profiles. At the beginning, tweets should mainly focus on upcoming product releases and special offers. To build awareness, you can offer tweeters an incentive for retweeting the message. So to start letting the world know about your products, get tweeting!