Joomla Content Management System

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Joomla CMS is a flexible content management platform that Cubeb use for the construction and management of websites.

Joomla for Website Administrators

Joomla is an extremely easy-to-use CMS with a global reach having over 1,000,000 active websites worldwide, including many global brands.

Joomla CMS is shipped with a large number of features available as standard! Joomla CMS features include; News, Events, Forums, Blogs, User Permissions, Directory and Gallery Modules. The entire Joomla application is designed with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) built-in. With such a rich feature-list, Cubeb can rapidly deploy your highly-functional, easily managed and expertly designed web presence.

Joomla for Developers

The Joomla architecture uses the development patterns, including Sections, Categories, Templates, Components, Modules, Plugins,  Access User controls, and CSS. Joomla CMS is engineered with flexibility and extensibility in mind to give developers the freedom they need to integrate applications or use custom 3rd party components, modules and plugins of which there are thousands to choose from.