Who We are

Steve O'Connor, Cubeb Web Design Wexford

Steve O’Connor, Cubeb Web Design Wexford

Cubeb Web Design Wexford are a leading Irish eBusiness, web development and web design agency based in Wexford, Ireland.

We specialise in delivering Website design, Ecommerce sites, Logo design, hosting, optimisation, social media management, content management systems and internet marketing.

Our websites deliver results and we have some extremely busy websites in our portfolio with thousands of visitors per day.

If you are a new business and need a website or you have a website that needs to be fixed up, we can help you!

Friendly and Helpful

We care about our clients and want to make your consultation with us an enjoyable experience. We try to anticipate your needs and help without needing to be asked.


We have been working on websites since way back in 1995 when we built our first websites. Over the years, we have developed expert knowledge of the internet.


We are passionate about the internet and are constantly reading and researching about the latest techniques and resources available. We bring this passion to our work continuously.

Track Record

We have a proven record of high quality and successful websites, some getting tens of thousands of visits per day. All of our clients, past and present are still with us. We aim to keep it like that.


We take pride in our communication skills. We are available 24 – 7 on the phone and we make a policy of replying to emails within a few hours if not sooner. Get in touch with us and see for yourself!

Excellent Value

We can stand behind our pricing and explain that we are not only among the lowest prices in Ireland, we are also among the highest quality designers, web-builders and marketeers.