Cubeb Production Approach

approachGenerally, our first production is a newly designed website concept based on our initial chat .

The website concept is more or less a design of what the new website will look like.

Variations upon this can be provided if needed and once this is agreed to by the client, the site can go into production.

All of our clients are provided with access to our Cubeb project to track the progress at each stage of the project lifecycle.



The website structure is then built based on the initial chat and placeholder text is used until the content is prepared by the client.


At this stage other factors such as keywords for search engine optimisation are integrated.

By the end of this production phase, we will be able to provide:

  • All website concepts and designs.
  • Website (with content).
  • SEO Keywords and meta tags.
  • Stage 1 testing preparation.
  • All media needed for the site.
  • Stage 1 test website.